音标/读音 [.ʌn'i:kwәl]
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◎ 单词释义

a. 不相等的, 不规则的, 不能胜任的
[经] 不平均的, 不等的

a. poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure



Unequal but I guess you could say that.

谈不上 但我想你也可以这么说

Correcting for the effects of unequal preparation.


such an unequal marriage, you needn't to be married.

The Church won't bless Repent and go on sinning;

He wouldn't wanna be treated unequally because he's disabled.


Russia is the most unequal country of the world's major economies.

俄罗斯是世界主要经济体中 贫富差距最大的国家

I know what it's like to feel unequal to the task required of you.

我了解接受自己完成不了的任务的 那种感受

He'd share all his secrets with the observers, demonstrate his unequaled brilliance.

他会将他毕生的秘密与观察者分享 展示他无与伦比的才华

It's telling me that you're in a situation where there's an abuse of power, an unequal relationship where you have no control.

这张牌告诉我 你正处在一种 滥用权力的情况下 不平等的关系之中 你毫无控制权

Concerns about creating an unequal rate of growth, between the trunk and the legs.

有可能会造成躯干和腿部 不均衡的增长率

The experiment can be set up so that the children receive either an equal or an unequal reward.

这项实验可以通过调整装置 让孩子们得到 等量或不等量的奖品