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及其他, 等等



..and oh, I'm sorry for your loss, etc, etc.

對了 我對你的損失感到遺憾 什么的

Future abrogation, the butterfly effect, causal loops, etc, etc.

改变未来 蝴蝶效应 因果悖论 等等 等等

Now, I'll need their qualifications, affiliations, etc.


You guys lied to me, made me scare, etc.

你们骗我 让我害怕之类的

How do you bring sanitation and how do you bring water supply,etc.

怎样提供卫生设备和自来水 等等

"it's too limited, we've got to get more people involved," etc.

非常有限 我们需要让更多的人加入"

That you're a manic depressive, and sometimes get out of control, etc.

他們會說你有躁鬱症 有時候會失控 等等

He was gregarious and he also went to entertain kids etc. as a clown.

他社交甚广 还扮成小丑逗孩子们玩

I can't steal a light for too long or he'll know and get angry, etc.

我不能把表现机会抢过去太久 否则他发现了就会生气之类的

Oh, well she was helping her with her issues, identity, authenticity, etc.

羅謝爾幫盧拉解決她的煩惱 身份 真正的出身 等等