音标/读音 [lu:d]
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◎ 单词释义

a. 淫荡的
[法] 淫荡的, 猥亵的

s. suggestive of or tending to moral looseness



I'm in no mood for a lewd conversation.


We got kicked off the coach for lewd behaviour.


He said some lewd things. I pushed him away.

他说了很*的话 我推开了他

That means no dirty jokes, no limericks, no lewd comments.

不能有黄段子 打油诗 下流话

The teacher would say things to her just the the most lewd things.

那名老师会跟她说一些 那些最下流的话

Arrests for lewd behavior, couple drunk and disorderlies.

不当行为 还有几次酗酒*

All right, filter out sexual assault and lewd behavior.

好吧 排除有性侵或猥亵行为的人

There was trespassing, and destruction of public property, lewd behavior.

存在非法侵入 以及破坏公共财产 下流行为

The governor's wife was arrested for performing a lewd act on an employee.

州长夫人因 猥亵一名员工而被捕

He banged on her cage, made lewd gestures, turned the lights on her.

他猛击她的笼子 做出下流的手势 用灯光照射她