音标/读音 ['raizә]
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◎ 单词释义

n. 起床者, 叛徒, 起义者, 竖板
[化] 上升管

n. a person who rises (especially from bed)
n. a vertical pipe in a building
n. structural member consisting of the vertical part of a stair or step



But you, you were always an early riser.

可你呢 你总是早早地就醒了

Bunch of early risers, all except one.

大家起得都很早 就除了你

You grip the riser too hard, your shot'll torque.

你把手柄握得太紧 就射不准

I knew you were an early riser, so I thought I'd join you.

我知道你起得早 所以我也早点起来

Yes, I always have time for early risers.

可以 我对早起的人都有时间

I'm a mindless, happy midget on a riser doing a monkeyass backbeat.

我又蠢又小 只能躲在后面打鼓

Seriously, studies have found that night owls show reduced integrity of white matter in the brain compared to early risers.

说真的 研究显示 与早起者相比 夜猫子的脑白质 退化得更严重