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◎ 单词释义

[经] 经办者, 组织者

n. a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance



No,no, no, no, that wasn't the arrangement.

不不不 这和事先说的不一样

This arrangement we have, it's between you and me.

我们的这个协议 不外传

No, you're here because we arranged for you to be here.

不 你们能在这里 是因为这都是我们安排的

If he wasn't trying to arrange a date, maybe he was trying to arrange a murder.

如果他不是想安排約會 也許他是想安排謀殺

It's also the way in which these words are arranged, the way these words are modified and arranged.

文字排列的方式也起到了作用 文字被修饰和排列的方式

We can go ahead and arrange for an appointment with a counsellor for you and arrange for him to have a physical.

我们倒是可以 给你们安排和一个专家聊聊 再给他安排一次体检

I think you arranged this whole thing just to get me out of the way so you could resume your profitable arrangement with your old friend.

我覺得都是你安排了 這整件事 好除掉我 這樣你就能繼續 跟你的朋友牟取暴利

Instead of arranging words in an order, in sequence, as a sentence, you arrange them in this map, where they're all linked together not by placing them one after the other but in questions, in questionanswer pairs.

与其将文字按顺序 按词组和句子排列 不如将它们安放在这个地图中 它们都联系在一起 不是通过按次序排放 而是按问题 按"问题答案"成对排列

We've mapped it, paved it, arranged it on a grid, never imagining that something else was watching us, a creature even more ruthless and predacious than we are, eager to exploit the very infrastructure we so obligingly arranged.

我们运筹帷幄 铺路开道 把一切安排得井井有条 却从未想过 还有别的生命在注视着我们 一种比我们更凶残的食肉猛兽 正虎视眈眈地觊觎着 我们辛勤建立起来的家园

I haven't forgotten what our arrangement is.